Background reading

Special Edition: Proceedings of the Royal Society #127


Regional Dialogues: invited papers

Brisbin, John: Natural capital examined as a function of land stewardship Open / Download
Dart, Peter: Fiscal and Monetary Policy Options for improving and sustaining livelihoods and the environment in the Rangelands Open / Download
Dart, Peter: How have other countries funded environmental services for land management? Open / Download
Douglas, Heather: Change Processes for Development in Australian Rangelands Open / Download
Edwards, Geoff: ‘Free’ Trade: Not Free for Producers Open / Download
England, Philippa: Discussion Themes Arising from a Survey of the Vegetation Management Act Open / Download
Gutteridge, Michael: Risk Horizons: Future Risk - Climate Change - Food Security Open / Download
(IN PROGRESS) An overview of Queensland’s Rangelands
Stock routes and the Stock Route Coalition - coming soon